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Missing in the Rosemary District - Winter/Spring 2007

New development is missing in the Rosemary District.

New development is missing in the Rosemary District.  This area has been heavily hit by “developers” proposing dramatic new projects and by speculators hoping for a developer, or even the next speculator to purchase their property for a profit.  Speculative buying may have had some success in 2003-2005, but in this slower market properties that were purchased to flip to the next enthusiastic buyer are likely to remain undeveloped holes in a neighborhood and problematic eye sores.  The Alanari and Rosemary Condominiums are the only two new developments in this much discussed neighborhood.  On the positive side, there have been some fine renovation projects that help lift up the area, adding charm and character.  However, absent is the much anticipated neighborhood vitality boost promised by each unrealized new development.